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The Key Ingredient for Growing Your Healthy Food Brand

In recent years we have witnessed a remarkable boom in the health food industry, with the healthy snacks market alone expected to hit $32.8bn globally by 2025. This is not to mention drinks, pre-made meals and new versions of existing foods, with added protein etc.

So while this bubbling scene has brought with it a whole raft of opportunity, the burgeoning question for many brands is ‘How do we get the right people tasting our product?’

Given the price-prohibited nature of these health foods it’s of the upmost importance that potential customers are provided a chance to sample products free of charge, rather than relying on them to pay more for something they have yet to try.

It’s ironic that while brands – new brands especially – are placing more and more focus on their online presence, face-to-face interaction is the real key ingredient to convincing new customers to buy.

They try it, they like it, they buy it.

We recently enjoyed great success with an experiential marketing activation for Innocent Drinks, we introduced the brand to various gyms and fitness centres inviting members to sample Innocent’s new Coconut Water product.

The right product for the right audience, in the perfect setting. A well thought-out sampling process, which makes sure to bring the product to the target audience is still one of the best ways to grow your food brand. Price may be the gatekeeper in an increasingly cluttered market but taste is still king, so make sure you give potential customers every chance to experience why your product is a royal delight.

If you would like to talk to us about an effective activation contact our office on 01 778 0110 or email talk

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